SWAP WEEKEND ! Calendar Updated | We are Open and ready for sign up.

Check the Calendar - SWAPS Best way to trade gear and for kids that grow out of gear every year!


Click JOIN - Skidome wrote the book on playing a lot on snow for very little. If you go 5 times or more a winter season- check out how little a season of fun costs. We are with you every step of the way. How to lower the cost of gear, how to progress, benefits of winter exercise with FUN, being a kid again.

Got Protection ?

New Technology - It is not if but when. You will fall. The article will describe options to consider. Helmets are now worn by 85%+ of the participants. Back Pads and other types of pads are being used by 30% of the participants. Mouth Guards protect teeth. Mitigate risk as much as possible. Crash pads in the photo. They are nice and toasty on a really cold day.


SWAPS are a big Yard sale of snow sports items. Some are last years models, close-outs, and other items are brought in by swappers for store credit or cash. Know before you go, what are you looking for in sizes. Boots are hard to judge by size alone and really need the persons' real foot, so bring the kids.

GLUTES are the Pillar of Performance

Glutes| These simple stretch bands and balance pad will fire up your GLUTES. The Video is raw and un-narrated. The Stretch band at the toe box will tap the rotation of the foot. These same concepts can be added to the shallow part of the pool for added core workout.


We have the info you need on PARKS. How To Manuals, Drills, Protection, Body Armor. Protect those teeth too. Don't be fooled, the good ones practice a lot. Get the know how before you go down. SAFETY INFO too.

What is NEW this SEASON

Whitetail Expanding the Lodge. New Cable for HS Quad. Liberty Ice Skating. Roundtop new area for Guest Services. Every year something new. The time does not stop and many mechanical things have a life. Lifts need replacements of cable or towers. Snowmaking requires expanded infrastructure. More room to serve customers is key.

Teaching Kids to Ski

At 3 a child can start to learn to ski. Climbing skills in the playground can help prepare a child's' motor skills. Simple fun things such as standing on one foot, jumping over things, jumping up and down. Hop Scotch is perfect. Tumbling skills help with falling http://www.teachchildrenskiing.com/ This video series can help. 2 and 3-year-old guide to motor skills added as a new tab. Wedge / Pizza Dryland drills.
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